Some problems cannot be solved with an “out of the box” solution. As part of our technology consulting services, TEI can help determine if a custom solution is a right choice for your business.  Our project team strives to communicate clearly and honestly with our clients, providing expectations that match the end result. Challenges exist in software development. TEI believes in finding a balance between these challenges so that our client still gets results.


Deciding to convert or re-engineer an existing software solution to fit your business practices is not something to rush into blindly. TEI’s technology assessment will provide information about the code structure, usability, flexibility, stability, and the potential for long-term growth. TEI has experience in salvaging the good parts of an existing software solution and re-engineering the software to work for our clients within the latest technology and standards.


TEI strives to create software that is intuitive, user-friendly, and configurable to allow our clients to be self-reliant.  TEI can work with you to establish the level of support needed for your software.  TEI can be your safety net when staff turnover happens.  On each software project, we have multiple employees involved and trained, ready to help when needed.  TEI prides itself on its reputation for being a long-term, dependable partner.



Established in 1985, TEI has experienced thirty years of continuous operations working with a wide array of clients across a range of platforms and technologies. We are a custom software development company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and have helped clients in a wide span of industries. Our services range from developing and testing custom software, to providing data management solutions, to all aspects of graphic design.  We have long-term relationships with our clients that grow and change with the agency’s needs and with the evolution of technology.
IT professionals at TEI have skills and experiences that give us an understanding of the information technology complexities facing most clients. Our Project Managers have an appre­ciation of the resource limitations (primarily skilled technical and project management personnel) faced by all organizations trying to implement new systems. Because of our experience with large, complex system development projects, we have acquired first-rate technical and analytical skills in a number of IT areas and have the capability to develop applications with intricate business rules that require the latest, state-of-the-art technologies.
Whether implementing database strategies or building web enterprises, we focus on results, not just delivering reports. We use best practices and keep things practical. Software developers and database architects are encouraged to apply the latest tools and concepts acquired in computer science, engineering, graphic design, and business administration. Our clients’ assignments are challenging and their expectations are high, keeping us at the top of our game. Together, we are building valuable information assets that will endure.
Our Web Development Methodology is used to develop complex, component-based systems for clients with technology requirements that cannot be met by in-house IT staff. It is a flexible, powerful approach to web development based on recognized industry standards. TEI web and application development methodologies place heavy emphasis on knowledgeable, experienced software engineers and database architects who use the latest automated tools to apply our approach to development.
At TEI, we deliver exceptional results. We see our clients’ needs in terms of requirements, processes, and final outcomes. With solutions that are advanced, practical, and effective, our clients have come to respect our independence and value the problem-solving capability we deliver.
Our designers are professional graphic artists with an eye for practical uses of the Internet. This helps to build sales, or provide information in an intuitive and easy-to-use format. With over a decade of internet management, production, and design experience, our web strategists and graphic designers have a keen sense for design. Their objective is to provide the best possible web presence for the end user.