IT Consulting & Data Management

At TEI, we deliver results – exceptional results. We see our clients’ needs in terms of requirements, processes, and final outcomes. With solutions that are advanced, practical, and effective, our clients have come to respect our independence and value the problem-solving capability we deliver.

IT Consulting is the practice of developing blueprints and control systems that support and facilitate a client’s core business processes.

Analyzing, benchmarking, and presenting both IT spending and IT employee staffing levels can be difficult. Understanding useful ratios, statistics, and other IT cost metrics for IT budgeting and IT employee headcount analysis can be helpful to organizations whose IT spending is a significant part of their overall budget. TEI looks at IT costs objectively, with years of collective IT industry experience, and within the context of the total organization served by IT.
Using the Internet and relational database technology, we often re-engineer old, disparate legacy computer programs into integrated, user-friendly systems. These systems are aligned with the core missions of our clients – all based on cost-saving Internet- and browser-based technologies.  Our systems assist employees to collaborate around one integrated database, often linked to other systems such as scheduling and email systems.  These innovative systems position our clients to handle future growth economically and efficiently. It meets their specific needs because it is developed to their specific requirements.
By identifying and fashioning solutions using new technologies, TEI increases the value of information by improving workflow processes, creating more productive employees, and enhancing customer experiences.

Using state-of-the-art IT tools, we address key operational areas as part of a comprehensive approach to process optimization.  TEI helps organizations implement information technologies that simplify the complexities inherent with growth and change

At TEI, we work with clients to develop an appropriate framework and level of support for IT infrastructure, including an essential combination of business strategy with technical design and architecture.
Some of the areas included within the broad term IT Infrastructure are:
• Service Request Management
• Incident Management
• Problem Management
• Change Management
• Release Management
• Configuration Management
• Service Level Management
• Capacity Management
• Availability Management
According to DAMA (the Data Management Association), Data Management is “the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices, and procedures that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise.” Broadly speaking, this includes such areas as Database Management, Data Security, Data Quality, Data Warehousing, Data Collection, and other areas involving the storage and archiving of data. TEI is active in this field of IT. With over seventy percent of our software development staff having post-graduate degrees in Computer Science, including our Chief Software Architect, we have a heightened appreciation for the importance of Data Management in all of its different manifestations.


From building web enterprises, to developing and implementing database strategies, we focus on results, not just delivering reports. We use best practices, and keep things practical by applying the latest computer science, engineering, graphic design, and business administration tools and concepts. Challenging assignments and high expectations from our clients drive us to achieve exceptional results and outcomes.