About TEI

TEI Software Development was established in 1985 and has experienced thirty years of continuous operations working with a wide array of clients across a range of platforms and technologies. We are a custom software development company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and have helped clients in a wide span of industries. Our services range from developing and testing custom software, to providing data management solutions, to all aspects of graphic design.  We have long-term relationships with our clients that grow and change with the agency’s needs and with the evolution of technology.


At TEI, over seventy percent of our professional staff have earned post-graduate technical degrees or MBAs. Our staff is current and proficient in technologies such as the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Reporting Services, and other premier software development products. Delivering efficient project development is important to us and our clients, so we make it a practice to use powerful project management tools, such as Microsoft Project, for planning and executing our project plans.

Because of our success in developing Internet-based systems with complex business rules and databases, we have carved out a niche for tackling hard-to-develop projects within tight budgets.


We make it a practice to have our developers and designers work closely with clients face-to-face at the client’s office. We believe a strong on-site presence gives clients the one-to-one contact with our project staff that always results in smoother, less costly development efforts and better systems. This open, direct, and in-person method of communication between project participants reduces the risk of overlooking small but important details.

Our in-person commitment continues through development into support and maintenance. Many of the systems we have developed for clients are still supported by our staff of full-time, experienced employees, with on-site visits when needed or requested.


TEI utilizes graphic designers and business analysts specifically to improve the look-and-feel and usability of all screens, resulting in intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces. Our approach is slightly different than other IT software development companies in that our full-time graphic designers are full participants in the design and testing phases of all projects. As a consequence, our websites have a crisp, professional looking appearance, as well as being easy-to-use, functional, and technically sound; and, since we use Microsoft Reporting Services, our reports are plentiful, straightforward, and easy to create, often reducing complex database structures into easy-to-understand reports.

TEI turns ideas into reality by creating Internet and database-driven systems that offer our clients the easiest, quickest, and most economical way to do business. We apply innovative technologies in a wide range of assignments while developing valuable information assets and a competitive edge.

Over the years, we have been engaged by large organizations in both the public and the private sector. These engagements have pushed us to develop industry competencies in law enforcement, economic development, safety and risk management, and oil spill remediation and restoration. We have traditionally participated in all phases of information technology, with emphasis on database and Internet interface systems. The prominence of browser-based systems and relational databases has afforded TEI the opportunity to develop methodologies and staff expertise built around these technologies.