Economic Development

FastLane & SmallBiz Make Economic Incentives Available to Business & Industry

Project Information

Louisiana Economic Development
Location:Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Web Site:
Contact: Anne Villa, Undersecretary of Louisiana Economic Development

Client Benefits

Reduce paper and manual processing
Improve staff efficiency by streamlining operations
Increase transparency through reporting
Created an informational asset with 15+ years of incentive data

Summary of Work

TEI was contracted to create web-based processes for giving business owners direct access to programs and incentives offered by Louisiana Economic Development. Beginning with the SmallBiz Suite of systems, our analysts and software developers recognized that LED managers needed powerful tools to interact quickly and directly with businesses and intermediaries. For larger businesses and heavy industry, a comprehensive incentive management system (now known as FastLane) was necessary to manage the complete life cycle of incentives from initial application through compliance and project completion reports. TEI created the Incentive Evaluator, a web-based system, to help businesses, large and small, calculate their tax benefits to encourage greater use of available incentives. Together, these three systems allow LED to manage the state’s incentive portfolio.


FastLane was designed to help shorten the process of getting assistance through an easy-to-use web interface. The system streamlines the application process by integrating LED’s incentive program rules into the application interface and calculates jobs, investments, and fees more accurately than legacy paper processes. Some popular features built into the system include payment of fees with credit cards or e-checks, availability of reports, ability to generate contracts, renewals, expiration notices, acknowledgment letters, and other critical documents.

The “next generation” of FastLane will be fully web-based, for both applicants and internal LED users, and feature a fully redesigned user interface with new elements such as access requests and an updated project management functionality. This update will also enable online third-party access through External Review and CPA portals, enabling quicker turnaround on all incentive applications and required compliance documentation. The first phase of the full-scale Fastlane renovation is was successfully released in summer of 2018, phase two following in 2019, and as of 2020, LED is fully operational in the “next generation” system.

Client Benefits

Centralized Relational Database
Company Management
Contact Management
Incentive Application Management
Track Status
Payment Management
Online Credit Card and e-Check Payment
Correspondence Management
Email Notifications
Historical Record and Audit Capabilities
User Profile Management
Online Query Tool for the Public
User Security Management
Robust Reporting Abilities


SmallBiz is a web-based application that organizes small business certification, technical assistance and tracking programs into one cohesive system. Applying for certification to Small and Emerging Business Development (SEBD) programs, Hudson and Veterans Initiatives can be completed without the hassle of paper forms. System components were also developed addressing post-certification technical assistance for intermediaries participating in the SEBD program. In 2014, TEI converted the SmallBiz system into ASP.NET and restructured the database to be company-centric while incorporating a wish list of enhancements. More recently, TEI updated the public searching component for Certified Businesses by adding the ability to search the commodity codes for each project and allowing the search results to be exported for further review.

Client Benefits

Centralized Relational Database
User Profile Management
Online Application/ Certification Process
Assessment Submittals
Integration with SBTIS, SE, and SEBD Programs
Management Review of Submittals
User Security Management
Robust Reporting Abilities

Incentive Evaluator

The Incentive Evaluator is an interactive tool that gives businesses a quick and efficient way for discovering which Louisiana incentives they may be eligible for and their potential tax benefit. Essentially, this tool embeds all of Louisiana’s rules governing the award of incentives to eligible businesses into a decision-tree approach. The Incentive Evaluator asks a series of questions such as the number of employees, the dollar amount of investment, and potential jobs created that guide the business through the maze of rules and regulations. The business arrives at an incentive dashboard with the number and type of incentives available to the business, along with an estimate of the tax benefit they will receive—all before having to pay a filing fee that is required when applying for an incentive.

Client Benefits

Multi-tiered Questionnaire Tool
User Profile Management
Online Application