TEI uses Agile methodologies.

The Agile approach allows our team the flexibility to swiftly handle changes in direction during the life of the project while providing quality results. We solicit user feedback early and often in the development process, refining our vision long before the development is finalized.

With the Agile methodology, the development is split into multiple standalone applications, called deployments, that make up a part of the final system. This means we can deliver a fully working system in stages, per need, or agreed cycle.

Our version of project management.

TEI uses a blended management approach for all of our projects, utilizing the talents of a Project Manager, Database Administrator / Software Architect, and a Business Analyst to provide a nuanced outlook for the project. The project management team collaborates with your staff to scope the project, set goals, and develop a skillset capable of delivering your vision.

Drawing on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) framework, we divide each project into phases and processes to provide better management and control over the project. TEI customizes the steps in the PMBOK framework to meet the requirements and conditions of each project.

Every project is a partnership with our clients, with team-oriented interaction at all levels, with a constant eye on results. This collaborative process, especially during the design, is key to project success. When TEI meets with clients, we know our client is the subject matter expert and value their input greatly.

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