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More than 15 years of business incentives and economic growth

TEI provided software development services for LED’s incentive management systems for 15 years (2005 – 2020). One of the primary outcomes of this partnership was the creation of the FastLane Incentive Management system.

The FastLane system operationalizes six of Louisiana’s most popular business incentive programs for Louisiana Economic Development. Fastlane’s secure online interface allows users to electronically send and manage data for Enterprise Zone, Industrial Tax Exemption, Quality Jobs, Restoration Tax Abatement, Digital Interactive Media Tax Credit, and Motion Picture Production Tax Credit.

A tablet on a desk with the Fastlane site on the screen.

Goals Achieved

Increased incentive program management efficiency

Modernized security
and safe handling of data

Improved accuracy for complex and evolving legislation

Facilitated interoperability between 70+ state agencies

Fastlane revolutionized the incentive management process within Louisiana.

Not only did TEI eliminate paper processing, FastLane empowered the 70+ agencies that can be involved in various tax incentives with a secure portal to manage and search tax incentive recipient data in Louisiana. The system calculates jobs, investments, and fees more accurately than the agency’s legacy paper processes. Businesses and tax consultants now have transparency in the process of each of their tax incentive projects. State staff have minimized time spent on data processing and can focus on performing inspections and other qualitative tasks.

Project Background

Prior to the development of FastLane, LED project managers could process a small threshold of applications and contract amendments for each incentive program. This was due to manual paper processing of letters to various agencies and businesses prior to the board meeting or approval meeting and the collection of fees via check. After approval of applications, contracts would be mailed between the various parties for signing and could easily get stuck somewhere in the process. LED Program managers spent most of their time “pushing paper” and tracking the location of various contracts.

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, TEI started working for LED to evaluate the pre-existing processes that LED had in place for tracking incentives. TEI implemented a phased approach to help LED. In 2005, an internal windows-based application was created to track critical information and the generation of documents required for the business incentives offered by LED. In 2007, a web-based system for businesses and consultants was built that allowed for the electronic filing of applications and payments. Over years the systems were enhanced to include entertainment incentives and tracking of additional compliance documentation. In 2016, after years of legislative changes and the need to modernize the system, TEI redesigned and migrated legacy systems to the web based FastLane Next Generation system. The design of FastLane Next Generation allowed for legislative changes, the addition of compliance documentation, the addition of contract changes, and the development of roles for agencies other than LED to view and manage business applications and sign contracts. The Fastlane Next Generation system has revolutionized the incentive management process within Louisiana.

System Features

Form management

Advanced calculations


Legislation rule tracking

Secure project sharing process

E-sign integration

Payment integration

Advanced searching

Interactive dashboards

Interactive analytics

Board management

Secure access for various user roles

Encryption for database, files and field level


Transaction based auditing

Automatic notifications

Public records searching and exports

Bulk upload of documents

Automated backups and storage

Document centric database

Secure Access for all Stakeholders

Businesses and Tax Consultants
Electronically file, pay, and e-sign all documents for Louisiana tax incentives.

Incentive Program Managers
Process data using dashboards and bulk review features with the ability to dive into any project.

Board Members
View meeting agendas and digital copies of redacted board documents.

Department of Revenue, Workforce Commission, Local Governing Authorities
Provide objection status on pending applications depending on the rules of each tax incentive.

Parish Assessors
Receive notifications and search data with pertinent information for property taxes.

Governor’s Office
Receive notifications and e-sign contracts.

Technical Specifications



Cloud based platform

Automated deployment process