Louisiana Incident-Based Reporting System (LIBRS)

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The Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice (LCLE) and the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association (LSA) contracted with TEI originally in 1994 to develop information management systems to support Louisiana crime reporting programs. Over the decades, TEI has been awarded yearly contracts to create, sustain and evolve the crime reporting systems to leverage the latest technology and to meet Federal Crime reporting standards. Using the enormous capabilities of the Internet became imperative for these agencies to collect criminal records data, report state crime statistics to the FBI, track peace officer qualifications, and schedule training for the many classes offered by LCLE. Our analysts and software engineers work daily with LCLE and LSA staff professionals to enhance the capability of these systems to make law enforcement in Louisiana more useful.

Today, systems developed by TEI are used throughout the entire law enforcement community, from small-town police departments to sheriff’s offices to the state’s primary agency for coordinating law enforcement and criminal justice.

A smartphone and laptop both with with the LEMIS IBR app on the screen.

Goals Achieved

Increased incentive program management efficiency

Modernized security
and safe handling of data

Improved accuracy for complex and evolving legislation

Facilitated interoperability between 70+ state agencies

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Louisiana Crime Reporting

Teaming up with LSA and LCLE, TEI established and maintains a fully functional system to capture all steps and requirements of crime reporting in Louisiana. The National Crime Statistics Exchange (NCS-X) initiative, spearheaded by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, is undertaking efforts to expand reporting of more detailed crime incident data among law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. The goal of NCS-X is to increase the number of agencies that report data to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) managed by the FBI so that nationally representative estimates of crime can be prepared and analyzed.

State Crime Reporting Components

LEMIS IBR – a Louisiana-based Records Management System

LIBRS – a centralized incident-based database and repository

UCR Online – an internet system to submit Uniform Crime Reports


LEMIS IBR is a Record Management System (RMS) that uses client/server and web technologies to assist law enforcement agencies to keep track of criminal justice information, including complaints, incidents, warrants, citations, tickets, and property. Software and support is offered free of cost to all Louisiana law enforcement agencies. No software license is required and there is no database software to purchase. LEMIS is built to operate on modern Windows-based computer operating systems.

A smartphone in a man's hand with the LEMIS IBR app on the screen.

Project Background


System Features

Form management

Advanced calculations


Legislation rule tracking

Secure project sharing process

E-sign integration

Payment integration

Advanced searching

Interactive dashboards

Interactive analytics

Board management

Secure access for various user roles

Encryption for database, files and field level


Transaction based auditing

Automatic notifications

Public records searching and exports

Bulk upload of documents

Automated backups and storage

Document centric database

Secure Access for all Stakeholders

Technical Specifications



Cloud based platform

Automated deployment process