Louisiana Incident-Based Reporting System (LIBRS)

Louisiana Incident-Based Reporting System (LIBRS)

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Baton Rouge, LA

Law Enforcement

Louisiana Incident-Based Reporting System (LIBRS)

The Louisiana Incident-Based Reporting System (LIBRS) collects criminal incident data from law enforcement agencies throughout Louisiana. LIBRS replaces a manual system for reporting crime statistics to the FBI that had been used by law enforcement agencies for decades. Now, the data is collected at each site and sent over the Internet to the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association data center. It is then stored in a central state database and forwarded to the FBI. Louisiana is one of the only states to have a centralized incident-based database at their fingertips.

A smartphone in a man's hand with the LEMIS IBR app on the screen.

Goals Achieved

Increased incentive program management efficiency

Modernized security
and safe handling of data

Improved accuracy for complex and evolving legislation

Facilitated interoperability between 70+ state agencies

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This system is valued by LCLE staff and Firearms Instructors because it accomplished three key goals:

  1. Creation of a secure environment to house sensitive POST training data
  2. A streamlined online system built to handle complex data management processes
  3. Implementation of a user-friendly method of processing large amounts of POST training data.
A tablet with a keyboard on a desk with the LEMIS IBR app on the screen.

Project Background


System Features

Form management

Advanced calculations


Legislation rule tracking

Secure project sharing process

E-sign integration

Payment integration

Advanced searching

Interactive dashboards

Interactive analytics

Board management

Secure access for various user roles

Encryption for database, files and field level


Transaction based auditing

Automatic notifications

Public records searching and exports

Bulk upload of documents

Automated backups and storage

Document centric database

Secure Access for all Stakeholders

Technical Specifications



Cloud based platform

Automated deployment process