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Fredia Dunn, Section Manager

Baton Rouge, LA

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Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center

Providing Crime Statistics for Louisiana

The Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center (LSAC) is designed to maintain and enhance the collection and distribution of criminal justice data. This data is provided to the Governor, Legislature, Sheriff’s Offices, Police Departments, and Criminal Justice Agencies with a proficient objective to research and analyze the criminal justice issues in Louisiana. This statistical research is to improve the effectiveness of policymaking, program development, and planning, and provide a statistical picture of the changes in crime and useful data to recognize problems in Louisiana.

TEI contracted with Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement to create a content-managed website with the ability to post meetings, publications, and launch surveys needed in the collection of criminal justice data. TEI set up various surveys such as annual sexual assault reports, Death in Custody reports, and DNA reports with secure user access for managers. TEI trained the LCLE staff to manage the content after the initial setup. TEI also created a syncing program that sends the survey data to other LCLE-managed systems for collective analytics and automated aggregation for publications.

A smartphone on a table with the Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center (LSAC) app on the screen.

Goals Achieved

Content managed website

Complex survey forms with conditional logic and management features

Secure user access

Syncing interface to LCLE Analytic systems

Goals of the Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center

  • Enhance the capability of Louisiana to collect, analyze, and interpret data on criminal justice issues relevant to the state
  • Provide a mechanism that supports the collection and sharing of vital criminal justice system data among the states and between the states and the federal government
  • Serve the information needs of the state and federal governments, and provide a core body of knowledge about the administration of criminal justice in the State of Louisiana
A woman looking at her laptop with the Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center (LSAC) app on the screen.

Project Background

TEI has worked with Louisiana law enforcement for more than 30 years. TEI has created and supported systems for the Commission on Law Enforcement to collect state statistics for Crime in Louisiana. TEI knows the data that is being collected and can move swiftly to create public awareness sites such as the Statistical Analysis Center.

Technical Specifications