Louisiana Tuberculosis Management System

Office of Public Health, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals​

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Michael Lacassagne, MPH, MT (AAB) Program Director TB Control Program

New Orleans, LA

Public Health, Public Sector

Louisiana Tuberculosis Management System

Modernization of TB case management.

Tuberculosis (TB) is an incredibly infectious disease that can spread quickly, causing deadly outbreaks. The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) needed a way to accelerate its response, allowing team members to head off the spread of the disease. TEI worked with the director of the LDH’s TB Control Program to develop a system that allows health units to manage and collaborate on TB cases from locations around the state. Dubbed the Louisiana TB Management System (LATB), this web-based application eliminates the units outdated MS Access data mergers, streamlines operations into one continuously updated interface, and makes it easy for everyone to access vital information in real-time.

Goals Achieved

Improved Response time for TB Patients and contact tracing

Secure Collaboration for Health Units

Lab Data Management

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Project Background

TEI started working with the Louisiana Department of Health, specifically for the Epidemiology department in 2008. After years of successful software development projects, the director of the TB program requested help with making a web-based version of their Microsoft Access TB Register.

System Features

Case Management Solution

Centralized Database of Patient Records

Real-Time Data Updates

User-Friendly Web Interface

Patient Tracking

Lab Data Component

User Security Management

Duplication Identification

Accessible from Any Regional Office

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Error Reduction

Secure Access for all Stakeholders

Regional Health Units
Regional Health units across Louisiana can login and manage aspects of the LATB register based on their role-based permissions. Administrators, Managers, Disease Intervention Specialists, Doctors, Nurses, and Clerks can be granted permission to securely access modules within the LATB system.

Technical Specifications

SQL Database