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Louisiana Uniform Crime Reporting

30 years of Summary Crime Statistics

Since the 1950s, most states, including Louisiana, have collected uniform summary crime reports. TEI created and supported the UCR online system for Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement from 2008 to 2020. Prior to TEI’s creation of the UCR online system, law enforcement agencies would hand tally crime statistics and mail the documents to the Commission on Law Enforcement. TEI created a browser-based application that allowed each agency secure access to submit monthly crime reports electronically. The forms contained conditional logic and enforced validation to prevent common data quality problems. The system allowed the Commission on Law Enforcement staff to review each report and push the data to the FBI using an automated workflow.

Data collected under the LUCR program was provided to the FBI and used in the creation of Crime in Louisiana Publications used by legislative planners nationwide for more than a decade. The FBI is no longer accepting summary crime reports as of January 1, 2021, due to the requirement for incident-based crime statistics. The system remains a historical data asset.

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Goals Achieved

Simple entry of Summary Crime Counts for 300 Agencies

Secure Access and User Management

Conditional Logic and validation

Automated workflow with submission to FBI

Crime Collection Expertise

In the 1950s, crime statistics reporting to the state and to the FBI using crime summary reports began. This provided a summarized count of crimes and certain important crime metrics by each law enforcement agency. The LUCR program was certified by the FBI in 1993, and immediately had an overwhelming response from law enforcement agencies statewide. The growing number of agencies reporting UCR data required the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement to develop UCR Online to efficiently gather and store valuable information.

TEI has created and supported systems for the Commission on Law Enforcement to collect statistics for Crime in Louisiana for more than 30 years. Through TEI’s partnership with the Commission on Law Enforcement, TEI has developed expertise in standardization and requirements for the collection of crime data and the understanding of how crime statistics should be counted and generated.

System Features

Customized Security Component

Simple form entry


Conditional Logic and validation

Automated workflow

Technical Specifications


SQL Database