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Bob Wertz, Section Manager

Baton Rouge, LA

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Peace Officer Tracking for more than a decade

The POST Council has the responsibility of tracking all peace office training data for the state of Louisiana. Before TEI’s involvement with LCLE staff, all information was mailed or faxed on paper forms; and the antiquated, pre-relational database management system housed confidential information on over forty thousand registrants from peace officers to firearms instructors. TEI developed the POST Plus system using ASP.NET / SQL architecture to replace the antiquated system. The project team closely followed all standards developed by LCLE staff concerning information system application development, including programming and documentation standards, as well as database schema standards. TEI added external access for Firearm Instructors and filterable reports, such as performance indicator reports, to lessen the workload of the POST staff.

A smartphone on a table with the Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center (LSAC) app on the screen.

Goals Achieved

Reduced paper and manual processing

Improved staff efficiency by streamlining operations

Informational asset with 10+ years of peace officer training data

This system is valued by LCLE staff and Firearms Instructors because it accomplished three key goals:

  1. Creation of a secure environment to house sensitive POST training data
  2. A streamlined online system built to handle complex data management processes
  3. Implementation of a user-friendly method of processing large amounts of POST training data.
A woman looking at her laptop with the Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center (LSAC) app on the screen.

Project Background

TEI has partnered with the Louisiana Sheriffs Association and the Louisiana commission on law enforcement for various projects over the last 30 years. TEI has a successful reputation for the delivery of applications that automate and streamline activities for their clients. TEI created the original POSTplus system in less than 6 months. Over the years, new training classes and features have been added and the system has been running smoothly for more than 10 years.

System Features

Centralized Relational Database

Officer History

User Security Management

Enforced Complex validation logic and formulas

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Technical Specifications

SQL Database