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Streamlined Economic Incentives for Small Businesses

SmallBiz is a web-based application that organizes small business certification, technical assistance, and tracking programs into one cohesive system. Applying for certification to Small and Emerging Business Development (SEBD) programs, Hudson and Veterans Initiatives can be completed without the hassle of paper forms. System components were also developed, addressing post-certification technical assistance for intermediaries participating in the SEBD program. The Smallbiz certifications help eligible Louisiana small businesses gain greater access to purchasing and contracting opportunities that are available at the State government level.

TEI as a small business has greatly benefited from the SmallBiz Certifications. It has helped provide advantages during the bid process and opened opportunities to work as a subcontractor on large state government projects.

A laptop on a desk with the La. Smallbiz site on the screen.

Goals Achieved

Eliminated paper and manual processing

Improved staff efficiency by streamlining operations

Automatic Interface with Division of Administration

Informational asset with 15+ years of small business incentive data

Project Background

​TEI was contracted to create web-based processes for giving business owners direct access to programs and incentives offered by Louisiana Economic Development. Beginning with the SmallBiz Suite of systems, our analysts and software developers recognized that LED managers needed powerful tools to interact quickly and directly with businesses and intermediaries. The system enforces complex validation rules dictated by the legislation for each of the incentives. In 2005, TEI built the initial version of SmallBiz. Each year, sometimes with minimal support, TEI worked with LED to support and enhance the system. Over the years components were added to SmallBiz, making it anything but small.

TEI developed and supported the SmallBiz system from 2005 to early 2020.

System Features

Centralized Relational Database

Company Management

Contact Management

Incentive Application Management

Track Status

Correspondence Management

Email Notifications

Historical Record and Audit Capabilities

User Profile Management

Online Query Tool for the Public

User Security Management

Enforced Complex validation logic and formulas

Secure Access for all Stakeholders

Small Business Applicants
Applicants can submit yearly applications for Small Business programs and get email reminders and notifications for certifications.

Program Managers
Program Managers can review applications, manage intermediary’s contracts and deliverables, and manage small business technical assistance history.

Intermediaries Providing Technical Assistance
Intermediaries can search for SEBD-certified businesses and track technical assistance for each contract with LED. As businesses get assistance, the small business history is updated for program managers and intermediates to assist these businesses efficiently.

Technical Specifications

SQL Database


Cloud based platform

Encrypted Storage