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Fredia Dunn, Section Manager

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TrackCrime – Quality Control & Analytics

A streamlined approach to state managed incident reporting.

The State of Louisiana has 83% of the Sheriff’s Offices and 53% of the police departments reporting incident-based crime statistics to Louisiana. Agencies undergo a certification process with the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement to submit crime statistics that meet the federal and state quality control standards. Maintaining yearly compliance is constant effort for the law enforcement agencies and the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement. Each month, data is sent from Louisiana to the FBI for National Crime Statistics.

The TrackCrime Quality Control and Analytics modules provide transparency and certification monitoring dashboards to agencies and the state administrators that have increased the state’s effectiveness and speed in collecting detailed crimes, understanding the analytics, and ultimately providing necessary statistics for legislative planning.

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Goals Achieved


In 2 years, TrackCrime accelerated the conversion of more than 100 Louisiana law enforcement agencies from Summary Reporting to Incident Based Crime submissions.


Enhanced compliance criteria tracking for accuracy, timeliness, and completeness allowed Louisiana certification agencies to catch errors early—and correct them quickly.


TrackCrime’s cloud-based computing technology allowed seamless communication between State program stakeholders and Legislative planners at all stages of the submission process.

The most efficient and streamlined approach to incident reporting yet.

In the 1950s, crime statistics reporting to the state and to the FBI using crime summary reports began. This provided a summarized counts of crimes and certain important crime metrics by each law enforcement agency.

In the 1990s, the Commission on Law Enforcement started a detailed incident-based reporting program called LIBRS. Incident based data has details about the location of the crime, arrests related to the crime, demographics on the victims that cannot be gathered by summary crime reporting. Participation in this program was slow and difficult due to the expensive IT costs for law enforcement agencies to adopt this approach.

In 2021, The FBI no longer accepts summary crime reporting and only accepts incident-based crime reporting. If agencies do not comply, they will not be able to receive Federal grants. This shift in policy drove a massive increase in participation in LIBRS program and transparency of the data within the LIBRS program to agencies and the commission on law enforcement was imperative for certification and compliance to the program.

In anticipation of the FBI policy change in crime reporting, TEI created the initial phases of the Louisiana TrackCrime System. This system is an enterprise cloud solution for Crime in Louisiana Data & Analytics. This system is currently interfacing with the Louisiana Incident Based Reporting System (LIBRS). The LIBRS system is a state validation engine for incident-based crime data where data is organized and automatically sent to the FBI in the NIBRS format. TrackCrime is transforming the LIBRS data into analytic-ready data collections that allow the State stakeholders the ability to automate and perform data quality analytics for LIBRS and provide interactive dashboards of State incident-based data. In 2021 the State Data Analytics were expanded to include survey data collections from Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center Program.

TrackCrime solved the transparency problem and has become a critical data asset for the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement.

Project Background

Using the latest cloud-based technology, TEI’s TrackCrime propelled Louisiana state certification agencies LSA and LCLE to success. These agencies were able to process huge volumes of NCSx data under a tight deadline—and submit the state’s data with a high degree of accuracy.

Built by engineers with over 30 years of experience creating law enforcement technology, TrackCrime pushes the needle forward in incident reporting. Agencies can quickly and confidently gather data they need, resolve reporting issues, and confidently keep reporting deadlines.

System Features

Integration with state data collection programs

Interactive dashboards

Interactive analytics

Automated Quality Control

Secure access for various user roles

Document centric database

Secure Access for all Stakeholders

Law Enforcement Agencies
Agencies can view their own crime statistics with each monthly submission. Dashboards by Crime, Victims, Offenders, and Arrests are available in real time. This allows the agency to correct rejected data that may be occurring due to a recurring data entry issue in advance of the end-of-year deadlines with the FBI.

The Commission on Law Enforcement & Louisiana Sheriffs Association
The Commission on Law Enforcement can view trends across the State by Crime, Victim, Victim-Offender Relationship, and Arrest in real-time. The various dashboards in the system notify administrators if an agency is falling out of compliance with the state standards and provide analytics on common quality control problems occurring for all agencies. The Commission on Law Enforcement can focus training with the law enforcement agencies based on the errors and trends represented by the data.

Technical Specifications



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