TrackCrime – Record Management System

Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement & Louisiana Sheriffs Association

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Fredia Dunn, Section Manager

Baton Rouge, LA

Law Enforcement, Public Sector

TrackCrime – Record Management System

A record management system specifically for State & Federal Crime Reporting.

TrackCrime RMS Lite is an enterprise cloud solution that is managed by Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and the Louisiana Sheriffs Association. This multi-tenant solution provides each agency a secure web-based record management system for tracking for entities (persons, businesses, officers), complaints, incidents, offenses, victims, offenders, arrests, supplemental reports, items or properties, and attachments. Each record can be validated and sent directly to the state crime reporting system with a button click. Validated data is logged monthly and submitted to the State Reporting where each agency can utilize TrackCrime’s Quality Control and Crime Analytics modules. Each agency’s RMS database and documents are stored separately and encrypted. All the agencies are hosted under the enterprise umbrella of TrackCrime. The Commission on Law Enforcement provides this software at no cost to the agency with the expectation that each agency will have a secure method of submitting high quality crime statistics to the state and federal programs. This software is especially meant for small to medium law enforcement agencies or universities.

Goals Achieved

Automates compliance with State and Federal Reporting and changes to specifications for all participating agencies.
Information Asset to each Law Enforcement agency at no cost.
Flexibility for agencies to enter and manage RMS data from anywhere.
Multi Tenant Hosting Solution to support 209 small to medium Law enforcement agencies.
Eliminates Agency Infrastructure Costs.

The most efficient and streamlined approach to incident reporting yet.

TEI has provided software development services to Louisiana Sheriffs Association and Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement for more than 20 years for various projects and programs.

In 2005, TEI worked with LSA and LCLE to create a free law enforcement Record Management System called LEMIS IBR. LEMIS IBR is a windows-based system and will over time transition to TrackCrime RMS Lite (web-based shared tenant hosting). Currently about 80 small to medium law enforcement agencies use LEMIS IBR. Each agency database is self-hosted with LEMIS IBR. LEMIS IBR has been a critical and useful tool for 15+ years but is limited by old technologies.

In 2022, Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement will start slowly transitioning agencies to the TrackCrime shared hosting plan. Once LEMIS agencies transition to TrackCrime RMS Lite, IT infrastructure needs for each agency will be regulated and reduced.
Some LEMIS agencies have 15+ years of data stored in their RMS SQL databases and one major way to alleviate their transition to the web based TrackCrime RMS is to migrate their data from LEMIS IBR to TrackCrime RMS Lite.

The beneficial part of having a free state-owned RMS is that the state can add data elements to be used by 209 agencies and add it to the state repository quickly and uniformly for Crime Stats. This makes tracking additional details within existing structures for Use of Force or specialized stats much easier for the State of Louisiana going forward.

Project Background

Using the latest cloud-based technology, TEI’s TrackCrime propelled Louisiana state certification agencies LSA and LCLE to success. These agencies were able to process huge volumes of NCSx data under a tight deadline—and submit the state’s data with a high degree of accuracy.

Built by engineers with over 30 years of experience creating law enforcement technology, TrackCrime pushes the needle forward in incident reporting. Agencies can quickly and confidently gather data they need, resolve reporting issues, and confidently keep reporting deadlines.

System Features

Module for Lookup and Statutes

Module for Entities

Module for Items

Module for Complaints

Real-time state and federal validation and reporting


Powerful searching and filtering with fuzzy search enabled

Secure access for various user roles

Historical tracking and audit logging

Special Security Attributes for permissions per record

Encrypted Document centric database

Secure Access for all Stakeholders

Law Enforcement Agencies
Commission Staff can onboard a law enforcement agency with a button click. This process spins up a database and storage buckets specific to the onboarded agency with its own encryption keys.

As the agency validates and submits data to State Reporting, the aggregated data is sent to the State LIBRS program and ingested back into TrackCrime Quality Control and Analytics Modules to allow the Commission staff the ability to run reports and view Crime Statistics.

Law Enforcement Agencies
During the onboarding process, the commission staff will invite the Agency Administrator. This user has full control over users management and user permissions for their agency RMS. No one outside the agency can access the RMS data. Permissions for view, create, edit, delete, etc can be set per module for each user. Special security attributes for record viewing such as Juvenile can be managed by the agency and set for each user.

Technical Specifications



Enterprise Cloud based platform

Multi Tenant Kubernetes