Database Development

TEI specializes in developing custom relational database systems for clients with complex business rules.

TEI’s qualifications showcase over 15+ years of experience in complex database architecture development services. We use best practices to build optimally structured and designed databases. Our team of experienced programmers use the most optimized SQL queries to build database driven applications — creating the best performing database applications. TEI utilizes techniques such as database caching which helps database applications run faster and in a more efficient manner. TEI’s programmers build database applications on a solid Structured Framework that provides the best environment for an application’s maintenance and scalability.

TEI is currently supporting many installations using the most popular and powerful database management system, particularly Microsoft SQL Server in its several flavors, as well as current and legacy Oracle database versions.

TEI is often engaged by clients having investments in disparate IT hardware and software. For example, some organizations have two or more database management systems supporting multiple applications that are not interactively linked. By using ODBC drivers, our developers can effectively link several databases within one program. This gives flexibility to the designer and programmer in migrating legacy systems or in developing new applications that touch more than one type of database. We have extensive experience in using ODBC drivers to develop complex systems of this type.

Exceptional Results

From building web enterprises, to developing and implementing database strategies, we focus on results, not just delivering reports.  We use best practices and keep things practical by applying the latest computer science, engineering, graphic design, and business administration tools and concepts. Challenging assignments and high expectations from our clients drive us to achieve exceptional results and outcomes.