User Interface Design

Our interface designers focus on the following website components: Content, Usability, Appearance, and Structure. Our objective is to provide the best possible web presence and user experience for the end user. This helps to build sales, or provide information in an intuitive and easy-to-use format.

The designers are responsible for the creative direction of the client’s website, including online presence and brand identity. They are the key contact for our clients on any creative decisions relating to the client’s website. Since many of our websites are large, database-driven information systems, our designers work closely with our staff of software developers and copy editors to get just the right “look and feel” on all projects. As part of our model driven design process, our interface designers create prototypes and screenshot examples to gather client feedback and expectations prior to programming.

We have expertise in applying new responsive CSS (styles, themes, and templates) to preexisting client applications. One of our clients had multiple applications, all with slightly different outdated designs. Our interface designers were able to apply a new approved look and feel through all applications and essentially clean the hardcoded styles that were previously built into the application without affecting the programming logic.