Web Design/Development

We not only build large-scale applications, but we also design and build responsive websites.

Websites need a sophisticated fusion of interactive design, information architecture, and content planning since they are dynamic, complicated platforms. Our team has the ideal combination of skills to create the website you require for success both now and in the future.




TEI web and application development methodologies place heavy emphasis on knowledgeable, experienced software engineers and database architects who use the latest automated tools to apply our approach to development.

Our designers are professional graphic artists with an eye for practical uses of the Internet. This helps to build sales, or provide information in an intuitive and easy-to-use format. With over a decade of internet management, production, and design experience, our web strategists and graphic designers have a keen sense for design. Their objective is to provide the best possible web presence for the end user.


Citefusion Website & Application

Client: Citefusion
Web Site: https://citefusion.com/

TEI designed a website specifically for CiteFusion, a new payment processor integration for LEMIS-IBR users. It automates an agency’s citation payment reconciliation process, making payment collection fast and easy for payee and agency.

Louisiana Tuberculosis Management System (LATB)

Client: Office of Public Health, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Web Site: www.dhh.louisiana.gov

TEI developed a web application for Louisiana Tuberculosis (TB) Case Management that allows regional health units to manage and collaborate on Louisiana TB cases from various locations.

Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center (LSAC) Website

Client: Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement
Web Site: https://lclelsac.com/

LCLE approached TEI to design a website specific for the Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center (LSAC) section of the LCLE website. Requirements included the need to manage postings of latest publications and board meetings.

Louisiana Oil Spill Management System (LOSMS)

Client: Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinators’ Office
Web Site: https://data.losco.org

The Louisiana Oil Spill Management System (LOSMS) operationalizes portions of the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinators Office’s activities associated with Spill Response, Natural Resource Damage Assessment, and Restoration for past, present, and future oil spills. The LOSMS management portal allows Louisiana State Trustees the ability to enter tracking information, activities, milestones, documents, injury, and negotiations associated with Spill Response, NRDA, and Restoration. The LOSMS management portal also provides the ability to build administrative records and publish various data elements to the public portal. The LOSMS public portal (https://data.losco.org/) facilitates the ability to search and view publicly available Spill Response, Natural Resource Damage Assessment, and Restoration data.

Louisiana Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (LA-DWH)

Client: CPRA
Web Site: https://la-dwh.com

Transparency to the public for Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Natural Resource Damage Assessment is essential. Therefore, TEI developed and deployed the Deepwater Horizon Public Website (https://la-dwh.com). This website is the designated platform that allows CPRA and LOSCO staff the ability to release Louisiana NRDA Workplans, NRDA data, Administrative Record Documents, News & Media, and Restoration Project information. The site also affords the public a place to suggest restoration projects to be considered for this spill and gives trustees the capability to release proposed restoration projects back to the public through interactive ESRI maps and filtered lists. Restoration for this spill will continue for years, and this spill is a major historical event. This content management system allows CPRA to release this information quickly and fulfill the overwhelming public records requests.